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Value-added resources for locating candidates

Good old-fashioned detective work

Effective use of the Internet and print advertising

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Value-added resources for locating candidates
In addition to conventional search tools and technologies, EXEK employs time-earned know-how, the resources of the Top Echelon Network, and valuable industry contacts to recruit the highest-quality professionals for our client companies.

Good old-fashioned detective work
In today’s economic environment, in which many companies have significantly reduced their staff, they have not let go their most productive and valuable employees. These individuals—candidates "not actively searching"—are EXEK's primary targets.

We reach out to our affiliates, professional and educational organizations, and individual contacts in the relevant industry to source and identify qualified professionals who meet our client's job specifications. We then personally contact such prospects to recruit them as candidates. We consider this kind of detective work as a “value-added resource” for our clients.
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Effective use of the Internet and print advertising
EXEK Recruiters does not rely solely on Internet or print advertising to fill your search assignments. As experienced search professionals, we make effective and targeted use of the Internet, often bypassing well-known multi-category web sites in favor of proven sources containing leads in specific industries and markets.

Recruitment industry research consistently demonstrates that only a very small percentage of qualified candidates read and respond to want ads. Our policy is to actively search for candidates, making things happen, rather than hoping candidates will magically appear.

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