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Complete Solutions for Employers & Job Seekers

Our Services

For over 30 years, clients across the United States have trusted EXEK Recruiters to provide them with the guidance, leads, and resources to confidently build their workforce. Our foremost commitment is to provide job seekers and employers with exceptional services no matter what they are looking for. It is our personable style and adaptable nature that makes working with EXEK an enjoyable and productive experience.

Services For Employers

EXEK’s primary recruiting services include:

  • Personal job order information acquisition and analysis.
  • Direct and discrete applicant recruiting via direct industry communications, digital advertising, and technology research.
  • Personal communications / pre-qualification interviews of targeted applicants.
  • Detailed Submission profiles / summaries of qualified applicants.
  • Direct assistance and support throughout the entire interview process.
  • Advisory assistance towards successful offer making and acceptance.
  • Thorough reference checking upon request – we never want to stand in the way of our client companies, who prefer to conduct their own reference checks.

EXEK offers two levels of permanent placement recruiting services: Retained and Contingent.

  • Contingent is our standard service where our client companies do not pay EXEK’s fees unless they hire one of EXEK’s referred applicants.
  • Retained is our highest level recruiting service, which is often reserved for top priority searches of an urgent need, discretionary nature, and/or in pursuit of upper level executive talent. It involves a portion of our fee being paid upfront, which then grants our client companies our foremost attention, highest level of applicant scrutiny / pre-evaluation, even more detailed submission profiles, and a one year placement guarantee.

Contracting Services Available

EXEK Recruiters is principally dedicated to permanent placement recruiting. However, in partnership with FoxHire Contracting, formerly Top Echelon Contracting, EXEK is able to provide the “back office” payroll services associated with Temp-to-Perm, Contracting, and Employer-of-Record placement.
Job Candidate Services - Rochester, NY

Services for Job Seekers

EXEK offers job placement, job search counseling, and resume advice to job seekers — all free of charge.

We pride ourselves on our sensitivity and discretion when it comes to people seeking a new job or a job change. If you are seeking employment in one of our focus industries, we encourage you to submit your resume. We will keep it in the strictest confidence. We will never submit it to any company or persons without your direct knowledge and permission to do so.

We will evaluate your qualifications and compare your expertise with existing and future open positions at our client companies. If something comes our way that we think will interest you, we will make you aware of that career opportunity immediately.

“Working with EXEK Recruiters while exploring a potential opportunity was truly an excellent experience. As a potential candidate, EXEK demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism by ensuring that I was always informed of any developments as well as provided valuable insights on how to best leverage my strengths. I would highly recommend EXEK Recruiters to any firm searching to fill critical positions.”

Robert Nalli

Our fees are paid for by our client companies. There is no cost to our candidates, ever.

Prescreening & Getting to Know You

If your qualifications match the minimum requirements for an open job listing, one of our recruiters will personally contact you to conduct a pre-screening interview and discuss how to move forward.

Getting to know you, your personal needs, interests, and professional goals help us better identify opportunities that will genuinely interest you. Our goal is to help place you in a position that offers the greatest potential for your career growth and long-term satisfaction.

While we cannot guarantee a candidate a placement, EXEK serves as an extra pair of eyes out there, looking for opportunities that match your credentials. Should we identify a promising prospect of interest to you, we will do everything in our power to help you get it.

Job Placement Services - Rochester, NY
We can help you build your career or business. To learn more about all EXEK Recruiters offers, please contact us today at 585-292-0550.

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